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Sept 6 2010
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Restoration planned for Bethlehem Nativity Church
 Associated Press Writer Mohammed Daraghmeh,  Mon Oct 25, 2:40 pm ET

 The Palestinian government announced Monday it is planning an ambitious restoration project for the ancient church that marks the traditional birthplace of Jesus, an important Christian site that draws millions of visitors.
Bethlehem was once the site of frequent battles between the Israeli military and Palestinian militants, but a drop in violence in recent years has boosted tourism to the town.

The Palestinian government has appealed to European and Arab nations to help fund the project, Bandak said. He said the three churches that administer sections of the church have agreed to the project. Officials from the Latin, Greek and Armenian churches could not be reached for comment. Their rivalries have often led to fistfights between monks at the holy site.

Foreign and local worshippers pack the old church at Christmas. As many as 2 million people visit the church every year, according to Palestinian Tourism Minister Khouloud Daibes.

International Day of Peace oct 6th 2010
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