omfg, and you want to give tax breaks to these mf?
1 of a 6 pt series, about an hour total, well worth it if you really want to know,
how to "try" to buy the world & fuck up alot lives in the process
Seren a New Venture
11 29  2010  omfg mf's
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Labor Day Tribute series
Love Gay people, Piss'm off & they just might whip up a musical on your ass
Sept 6 2010
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Shop playboy 2010
 The Truth
Lenny Bruce

International Day of Peace oct 6th 2010
Obamanation oh say, can you see, time to wake up  last chance for peace?  my ass
a few words about Wikie Leaks
useful idiot
If Corporations hadn't bought up the free press press and fired all the real reporters, we wouldn't have an interest in, or be surprised by a Wikie Leaks,
Some, as going as far as to call this guy a criminal?
"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act",