July 6th 2010
WikiLeaks case: Army charges soldier
America's richest oil companies are shaking you down, anybody running, please, talk about this, do you work for them, or us...
While reaping the largest corporate profits in history, BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron and other Big Oil companies have shaken more than $35 billion in special subsidies and tax breaks out of the U.S. taxpayer. Then, when Big Oil dumps millions of gallons of oil into our oceans and waterways, they leave us with the cleanup bill. BP and other Big Oil companies have been getting government hand-outs that fleece billions from taxpayers every year. ExxonMobil, the most profitable corporation in American history, avoided paying ANY income taxes to the Federal Government last year and then pocketed an additional $46 million from the IRS.
Surprised? We were. Enough is enough. It's time to end federal subsidies and tax breaks to BP and other Big Oil companies. Instead of subsidizing the most profitable dirty fuel companies on the planet, we could be supporting new startups that specialize in clean and green energy. We can break our addiction to oil, create green jobs and make sure disasters like the one in the Gulf of Mexico never happen again. But we need your support to make sure our leaders follow through. Sign now to tell Congress and candidates for office nationwide to stop the shakedown, and stop taxpayer giveaways to Big Oil and all the other Dirty Fuels.
Tea Baggers, here's our Boy
I pledge elegance to the Corporations of America...
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July 11th 2010
how deeply things are fucked up in Afghanistan, Rolling stone article link
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Real Journalist Needed Everywhere
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Bring back the Fairness Doctrine
camera equals weapon
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June 30th 2010