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Wall Street increasingly favors Republicans: study
Tue Aug 10, 7:00 pm ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) Wall Street and its financial allies did an about-face in political spending in June, giving Republicans over two-thirds of their campaign contributions as Democrats pushed financial reform forward in Congress, a report said on Tuesday.
Irate Workers, Union Leaders Rally At 'Showdown on Wall Street'
Tell FOX: Post a Disclaimer
"Americans depend on objective reporting of the news -- especially during election season.
But News Corp's $1 million contribution to the Republican Governors Association makes FOX a deeply partisan observer in the reporting of the 2010 gubernatorial elections." "Americans deserve to know about your direct involvement in this campaign. You must post a disclaimer about News Corp's political contribution during your gubernatorial election coverage."  
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Richard Trumka United we stand, divided we serve 20 min

Two Hundred years of our Government working against the average American & for the wealthy 2% controlling class
From fighting against riots for a 55 hour week for Child labor to hangings to keep the working class from getting an 8 hour day, 40 hours a week law. Vote Republican, bust Unions & see this happen all over again, lately, I don't trust DINOs much either. Keep Unions strong & we keep America strong.
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