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Anna burning down the house
Nuclear Power its whats for Dinner
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"Capitalism" movie parties On March 27-28, MoveOn members are organizing movie parties to watch Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story and discuss how we can stop the corporate takeover of democracy. Host a movie party
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the most Dangerous man in America Daniel Ellsberg & Woody Harrleson
the art of no profit health care?
what are you, a commie?
Obamas Doctor says  what's wrong with his plan
ABC censors Obamas Dr.
Silencing single payer
In all other first world countries health care is a right, In America, the opportunity to PAY for health  insurance is a right. Ya! for US
Host a 'Capitalism: A Love Story' Movie Party
Your event will bring together progressives in your area to help stop the corporate takeover of democracy--and watch a great movie, too!
To host, all you need is a space to gather in, a DVD player (or computer and projector), and access to a computer with internet. We'll provide you with a kit of materials to help with everything else. (We won't send you the DVD, but it's widely available to rent or buy online, or at your local Blockbusters 

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